Wireless RS232 dongle for Fanuc wire EDM

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  • Add your project logo.
  • Write a short introduction to the project.
  • If you are using badges, add them here.

:ledger: Index

:beginner: About

Add a detailed introduction about the project here, everything you want the reader to know.

:sunny: Usage

Write about how to use this project.

:electric_plug: Installation

  • Steps on how to install this project, to use it.
  • Be very detailed here, For example, if you have tools which run on different operating systems, write installation steps for all of them.
$ add installations steps if you have to.

:package: Commands

  • Commands to start the project.

:wrench: Development

If you want other people to contribute to this project, this is the section, make sure you always add this.

:notebook: Pre-Requisites

List all the pre-requisites the system needs to develop this project.

  • A tool
  • B tool

:nut_and_bolt: Development Environment

Write about setting up the working environment for your project.

  • How to download the project…
  • How to install dependencies…

:file_folder: File Structure

Add a file structure here with the basic details about files, below is an example.

├── assets
│   ├── css
│   │   ├── index-ui.css
│   │   └── rate-ui.css
│   ├── images
│   │   ├── icons
│   │   │   ├── shrink-button.png
│   │   │   └── umbrella.png
│   │   ├── logo_144.png
│   │   └── Untitled-1.psd
│   └── javascript
│       ├── index.js
│       └── rate.js
├── index.html
├── rate.html
└── README.md
No File Name Details
1 index Entry point

:hammer: Build

Write the build Instruction here.

:rocket: Deployment

Write the deployment instruction here.

:cherry_blossom: Community

If it’s open-source, talk about the community here, ask social media links and other links.

### :fire: Contribution

Your contributions are always welcome and appreciated. Following are the things you can do to contribute to this project.

  1. Report a bug
    If you think you have encountered a bug, and I should know about it, feel free to report it [here]() and I will take care of it.

  2. Request a feature
    You can also request for a feature [here](), and if it will viable, it will be picked for development.

  3. Create a pull request
    It can’t get better then this, your pull request will be appreciated by the community. You can get started by picking up any open issues from [here]() and make a pull request.

If you are new to open-source, make sure to check read more about it here and learn more about creating a pull request here.

### :cactus: Branches

I use an agile continuous integration methodology, so the version is frequently updated and development is really fast.

  1. Master is the development branch.

  2. Production is the production branch.

  3. No further branches should be created in the main repository.

Steps to create a pull request

  1. Make a PR to master branch.
  2. Comply with the best practices and guidelines e.g. where the PR concerns visual elements it should have an image showing the effect.
  3. It must pass all continuous integration checks and get positive reviews.

After this, changes will be merged.

:exclamation: Guideline

codding guidelines or other things you want people to follow should follow.

:question: FAQ

You can optionally add a FAQ section about the project.

:page_facing_up: Resources

Add important resources here

:camera: Gallery

Pictures of your project.

:star2: Credit/Acknowledgment

Credit the authors here.

:lock: License

Add a license here, or a link to it.